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Yes, this is rocket science

We Love Bold Creativity Anchored By Hard Science

The scientists at Moon Rock are boldly creative and in love with data. We’re poets, geologists, authors, illustrators, filmmakers, and environmentalists. It’s in our DNA to create stunning marketing grounded in metrics to ensure success. We’ve developed a simple, but clear process to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness for our clients.

Creative Director

Elliot Trotter

“Working with Elliot one-on-one, I’ve discovered he is a great listener and open to new ideas. He gets things done – plain and simple.”

An accomplished entrepreneur, storyteller, and authority in digital content strategy, Elliot Trotter has founded and led several companies to international success. Elliot has forged global partnerships, working with a diverse roster of clients from travel agencies and produce distributors to sports-media organizations and sunglasses startups.

Our Services

  • WordPress Web Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Video Production / Live Streaming
  • Digital / Print Design
  • Digital Storytelling
  • SEO / SEM / Paid Social

Step No.

01. Research

Launching a rocket takes careful consideration and planning. We’re serious about gathering all available data before we blast off. Our team will work with you to ensure that we understand your project from every angle and consider the best approaches known to human kind.

Step No.

02. Design

We’ll develop a state-of-the-art plan to execute your project with the utmost efficiency and care. Don’t worry! You’ll be right there in mission control to analyze our procedure before we hit the launch button.

Step No.

03. Launch

When all the screws have been tightened, and the heat shield engaged, we’ll have lift off. But you won’t be alone out there in the cold nothingness, we’ll be there to provide maintenance, adjustments, and collect data for the next iteration.

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